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Welcome to HMFind's Jacobsen serial number lookup system for Jacobsen products made before 1975.

Important Instructions:

    Jacobsen Serial numbers can be confusing and sometimes may be incomplete. Each Jacobsen serial number consists of two parts, a "prefix" and an "item number". The prefix can consist of any number of letters, spaces, or dashes. The item number will be only a number, and should consist of only numerical digits. The H & M Models Jacobsen serial number system will help you determine what part of the serial number is the prefix, and what part is the item number.

    To look up a serial number you first need to select your product in the large product list box on the left side of the application below. Once you select a product, the page will reload and you will see your product listed right above the product picture. Below the product picture you will see another list box that holds the prefixes for your product. You should be able to find one of the prefixes listed on your Jacobsen serial number tag. If you can't find an exact match, pick the one that is closest, as sometimes Jacobsen did not put the entire prefix on the serial number tag. If there is only one prefix shown it will be autoselected and that will be the only prefix for your product. Now if there was more then one prefix select the one that matchs your tag, and the page will reload again, and under the "Serial Number item number" input box it will indicate how long the item number will be. To find your item number look to the right of the prefix on your serial number tag. You should see a pure numeric value without any letters in it that matches the length of indicated under the item number input box. Remove any dashes or spaces from this number, and enter it into the serial number input box. Then click the "retrieve product" button, and the year that your Jacobsen product will appear below.

    If it did not work check to make sure that you have the correct prefix number and the correct number of digits in your item number. If you cannot figure out what your prefix number is, click the reset button and just enter in what you think your item number will be. If you have a correct item number the system will display the matching prefixes below.

    To make the entire Jacobsen serial number lookup finder viewable at once, try pressing the "F11" key.

If you unable to figure out your engines year using the tool below, you can try sending a the serial number and a good quality picture of the engine to Contact@HMFind.com. Be aware that if you do send us a picture of your engine, we reserve the right to display the image on this site as an example of that model engine.
Product .75 H.P. Engine
Suggestion: Input the item number
Serial number prefix list
Serial number item number
The item number will consist of only numbers without any letters, dashs, or non-number characters.  An item number with the prefix of 4 must be 3 digits long.

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